The Production


With mankind nearly extinct, a runaway girl and a rogue bounty hunter
brave a dangerous unnatural wilderness to find a fabled sanctuary
that can either save or destroy what’s left of humanity.

THE OUTER WILD is a genre-bending post-apocalyptic thriller, a dramatic exploration of what it means to be human in an increasingly inhuman world.

THE OUTER WILD is the long-awaited second feature from writer-director Philip Chidel, and produced by the same team that had created his last film, the cult horror success SUBJECT TWO (official Sundance selection; BEST FEATURE: Sci-Fi London Film Festival). Like that previous film, THE OUTER WILD is a different kind of sci-fi thriller, one that has imagination and visceral impact while delivering an unexpected emotional punch.

The Outer WildHeading an outstanding veteran cast in her first lead role, Lauren McKnight (SO UNDERCOVER) gives an uncompromising performance as Laura, the headstrong survivor who becomes a new world’s pioneer as she searches for a better place that may never exist. As Cole, the hunter who reluctantly helps her, Christian Oliver (SENSE 8) creates a strong and poignant portrayal of a man facing his own dark and uncertain future.

The Outer WildRounding out the exceptional ensemble is Jeffrey Vincent Parise (THE LOVE WITCH), Jimmy Jean-Louis (HEROES), Zachary Roerig (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES), Tory Taranova (EVERYBODY WANTS SOME), and Dean Stapleton (SUBJECT TWO). The lush and rugged world is brought to stunning life by director of photography Phillip Briggs (THE BOAT BUILDER), and the soul of the movie is heightened by the stirring music of composer Kubilay Uner (BIG SUR).

Inspired by the gender dynamics of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, the yearning of A BOY AND HIS DOG, and the personal relationships in MONSTERS, THE OUTER WILD is an ambitious independent production. It is a reflection of life in this first post-9/11 generation, where in these troubled times of Trump and terrorism we are told to fear everything that is not ourselves — but while we might question whether humanity is worth saving at all, we also find humanity in the most unlikely of ways.

The Outer Wild
THE OUTER WILD was shot entirely on location in southwest Colorado. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.